All staff working in the Tourism industry in Grenada is now required by law to take the Covid-19 if they are to remain employed.

According to Leo Garbatt, head of Grenada’s Hotel & Tourism Association said it is now law.

“It has been designated by the Prime Minister. It’s now policy. Therefore, anybody who works in Tourism sector has to be vaccinated.”

The Hotel Association has also recommended to Government that all incoming visitors be vaccinated.

“Our recommendation is that, nobody who comes to Grenada, they must be vaccinated. That way we create an environment whereby, fortunately, there will be health and safety at work. The people at the hotel will be vaccinated. Anybody coming to the hotel…must be vaccinated before they come on to hotel sites!”

Grenada’s Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell had recently announced that all staff at quarantine facilities for incoming passengers will have to be vaccinated, as part of the government’s plan to protect citizens from a community outbreak of COVID-19.

He made the disclosure in a national address on Wednesday, as he urged citizens generally to get immunized.

 “A few short months ago, we saw how rapidly the case numbers rose when employees at one hotel contracted the disease,” Prime Minister Mitchell said, referring to last December’s sudden spike in COVID-19 cases that originated at Sandals Grenada.

“With deadlier variants of the Coronavirus now in circulation around the world, we must take all the necessary measures to protect our people, but at the same time, allow them to continue their livelihoods. I, therefore, encourage everyone who meets the eligibility criteria to get vaccinated.”

Since Grenada began its immunization programme, more than 10,000 citizens have taken the first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine. Dr Mitchell said the government has thousands more doses in stock.