The Caribbean Drought and Precipitation Monitoring Network has warned that countries in the North of the region should brace for a noticeable change as conditions shift into the 2023 dry season. 

In a recent release, the network stated that the likelihood of normal to below normal rainfall in the North West of the Caribbean from January to March and the likelihood of below normal rainfall from the end of March to May could result in short and long term drought conditions.

Several Countries including Cuba, Belize and the Cayman Islands have been urged to closely monitor their water resources in anticipation of considerably dry conditions. Meanwhile, surrounding countries, to the East of the archipelago spanning from Puerto Rico to Guadeloupe have been warned that these conditions could have a considerable impact on groundwater, including streams, small rivers, irrigation ponds and reservoirs. 

An area of the region, spanning western Belize, Grand Cayman, Central and Eastern Cuba and Eastern Jamaica are expected to develop long term drought conditions by the end of May. 

This would result in lower than usual water levels in large reservoirs, large rivers and other ground water, the release added.