While Premier Dr the Honourable Natalio Wheatley, other CARICOM leaders and diplomats engaged in fruitful discussions surrounding the development and security of the Caribbean Region, they did so amid chaos brewing just outside of the venue. 

According to reports emerging from the Bahamas, just outside of this week’s CARICOM summit protesters led by political leader Lincoln Bain of the Fringe Political Party demonstrated their frustrations surrounding what Bain has described as an immigration crisis in their country.

Ahead of the protests, Bain shared imagery to his Facebook page urging Bahamians to come out because their country was “under attack” by thousands of illegal immigrants.

The protest was streamed live to Bain’s Facebook page.

In that, he is referencing Haitian immigrants who make their way to the Bahamas seeking asylum from their home, which is under constant attack from powerful gangs.

Bain was among 18 people arrested outside Baha Mar by Bahamas police following warnings to protesters that the safety and security of the CARICOM leaders and diplomats would be “treated seriously and with the strictest enforcement of the law”.

The Police have reported that the persons detained did not have authorization to hold a protest and were given an opportunity to disperse and vacate the area, which they refused. 

Speaking on the matter with The Tribune Newspaper, The Bahamas’ National Security Minister Wayne Munroe said security forces had to place the area under sterile conditions due to the presence of the officials, including Haiti’s Prime Minister. 

The CARICOM summit proceeded without incident and concluded on Friday.