Regional airline carrier InterCaribbean Airways has been warned by Guyana’s government to get their act together or face possible sanctions.

Guyana’s Aviation Minister Juan Edghill confirmed that government officials met with the airline company last week to address recurring concerns raised by travellers to the country relating to frequent prolonged flight delays and cancellations.

He said the meeting resulted in the airline revealing that they were tackling issues involving their crew and other internal problems, and ended with commitments made to improve the service to the country, as well as better handling in neighbouring Barbados and acquiring another aircraft to resolve the delays.

“If they don’t fulfil those obligations that they made last Thursday, we will have to step in and take additional actions or possible sanctions,” Edghill stated.

He added, ““The airlines cannot just make money and people suffer. They have to be able to have the social contract with the passengers fulfilled. That was strongly communicated, and we expect the change but if that does not happen, we have to go to the next level.”

The aviation minister said sanctions such as suspending InterCaribbean’s Guyana routes would be a last resort as his government wants options of having seats available to the travelling public.

He said his government simply wants a better service.

“While we’re reaching out for better service, we will not allow Guyanese to be short-changed,” he said.