Caribbean Development Bank Partners with Caribbean Broadcasting Union to Elevate Regional Journalism

The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), headquartered in Barbados, has embarked on a partnership with the Caribbean Broadcasting Union (CBU) to enhance the work of broadcasters and journalists throughout the region. 

Dr. Hyginus “Gene” Leon, President of CDB, announced this one-year agreement during the 54th annual CBU general meeting. 

The collaboration seeks to elevate the skills and expertise of reporters, editors, and content creators by harnessing digital platforms to effectively present development and financial data in engaging formats.

Dr. Leon underscored CDB’s confidence in the regional media and its commitment to bolstering the role of development communications. 

He emphasized that over the past eight months, the Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF), a financial arm of the bank, has been strategically enhancing its visibility in the Caribbean.

 As part of this strategy, BNTF is engaging with CBU to sponsor a category of its annual media awards, focusing on BNTF’s key strategic areas: poverty alleviation, education, health, gender, and climate change. These awards will span various media platforms, including print, television, radio, and digital, and will be open to CBU’s members across more than 20 countries, potentially reaching an estimated audience of 4.8 million individuals.

The sponsorship announcement is scheduled for the 2023 media awards ceremony, culminating at the 2024 event. Dr. Leon anticipates that this initiative will significantly amplify media coverage and awareness of BNTF across the nine participating countries.

Dr. Leon highlighted the growing emphasis on video production as a vital component of BNTF’s visibility campaign. While these videos are being disseminated on platforms like YouTube, social media, and traditional media, BNTF will also provide them to CBU, enabling wider access for CBU’s membership to broadcast the content. 

This strategic move aims to extend the reach and visibility of BNTF, promoting a broader awareness of social justice and developmental agendas.

In addition to this project, CDB is actively developing knowledge-based products for CBU’s shared portal. These products will be available to CBU members at no cost, fostering informed conversations on development and the future of the region.

Dr. Leon highlighted the potential for capacity building within the media sphere, envisioning opportunities to enhance journalists’ understanding of developmental issues and to refine their reporting and analytical skills.