In a ceremony on Tuesday Januaray 23rd 2024, Antigua and Barbuds Prime Minister Gaston Browne officially opened Antigua and Barbuda’s new embassy in Beijing, China. The move marked a major milestone in strengthening bilateral relations between the two countries.

President Xi Jinping welcomed Browne, praising him as a “good friend” and thanking Antigua and Barbuda’s support on key issues.

President Xi voiced willingness to strategically align both countries to achieve greater mutual benefits. 

Prime Minister Browne praised President Xi’s leadership and thanked China for its role in providing assistance to developing nations like Antigua Barbuda.

“Your global leadership has been an inspiration for all,  to include the Belt and Road initiative, the GDI institute as well as the Civilization and Security initiatives.   Your philosophy to ensure that there is shared global prosperity and peace is certainly one that resonates globally and I believe that you have demonstrated unparalleled leadership and we are hoping that others, especially the developed nations will follow your lead and that of the People’s Republic of China in ensuring that we can have a more harmonious planet and certainly to ensure that there is global equity in development,” said Prime Minister Browne.

Multiple agreements were subsequently signed to advance cooperation in areas like climate change, trade, maritime transport, and visa exemptions. 

A list of some of the agreements signed include the following:

1. MOU on strengthening development cooperation and Promoting the Implementation of Global Development Initiative

2. Agreement of Mutual Visa Exemption

3. Agreement on Maritime Transport

4. MOU on Jointly Accelerating the Formulation of the Cooperation Plan on the Belt and Road Initiative

5. MOU on Exchange and Cooperation in the field of Economic Development

6. MOU between China Media Group (CMG) and Antigua and Barbuda Broadcasting Services (ABS)

7. MOU on Trade and Investment Promotion

8. MOU on China-aid to Address Climate Change under the framework of South-South Cooperation

9. MOU between Zhejiang International Studies University and UWI Five Islands Campus

10. MOU between Hangzhou Normal University and Antigua and Barbuda

The countries also inked an agreement for early cancer screening equipment and digital health tools for Antigua and Barduda.