The four teams for the Virgin Islands Softball and Baseball Association’s Inaugural All-Stars event have been selected following the team draft extravaganza on Wednesday.

In the first of its kind, players were selected for the East and West teams in both the men’s and women’s divisions.

In the men’s division, the captains selected for the East Team are Honourable Neville Smith and Jamal Allen.

The full team for the East read: Raffeal Rabsatt, Jayque Hopkins, Junior Rodriguez, KJ Thompson, Ramos Hatchett, Josh Ridgway, Victor Faulkner, Cesar Gabriel, Jamarli James, Kennard Dawson, Yervis Rodriguez, Fernando Cedano and Shamouri Robsinson.

The captains for the West Team are Jeremy Penn and Allen Smith.

The West Team includes Rico Penn, Shaheed Collins, Eurys Robles, Rhodni Skelton, Shamoii Dagou, Jomiori Dagou, Tecius Frett, Nashwanta Smith, Ron Hatchett, Alphonso Tajeda, Daniel Davis, Sheldon John and Jefri Cruz.

Some of the All-Stars Men

Meanwhile, in the Women’s Division, the captains selected for the East Team are Claury Scatliffe and Shamora Penn-Maduro.

The players for the East Team include Valissia Brathwaite, Thea Cooke, Akira Phillip, Denecia Hodge, Kyra Powell, Shaliqua Fahie, Kimiyah Matthias, Riiah Durante, Kirsten Lettsome, Che’Vaunne Richardson and Chandni Wattley.

The captains for the women’s West Team are Javlyn Frett and Bria Smith.

The players selected for the West Team are Jelisa Potter, Kaynesha Stoutt, Makeda Fahie, Marisa Malone, Celine Thomas, Shari’a Romney, Anesha Graham, Melanie Stoutt, Kim Takeuchi, Sherna Robinson, Debbie Ridgway and Darier Malone.

Some of the All-Stars Women

284News spoke to the President of the Virgin Islands Softball and Baseball Association Rhodni Skelton on the historic occasion.

He explained the draft and how the respective players were selected.

Skelton also spoke on what made the Association come up with the initiative.

The president further said that with the All-Stars games a new staple in the softball community, it will act as an incentive for players to perform more consistently to make the list in the coming years.

Skelton also spoke about the impact that the All-Stars event will have on the future development of the sport across the territory.

The All-Stars games will commence on Sunday, July 31, at approximately 5pm.