Virgin Atlantic has set its sights on offering more affordable flight options between the Caribbean and Europe while collaborating with Barbados on an ambitious tourism vision for the island nation to attract increased visitors.

During a recent visit to Barbados, Virgin Atlantic CEO Shai Weiss expressed his desire to see bolder entrepreneurial development and shoreline growth that elevates the island’s tourism product and appeal.

“I’d like to see a grander vision for this island, more confident in its goals. We know high-quality hotel rooms are always in demand. We want shoreline development,” Weiss recently told the Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC). 

Weiss assured Caribbean travellers that the airline, majority-owned by Sir Richard Branson, is committed to making travel between the region and Europe as affordable as possible for consumers despite rising global operating costs.

The Virgin Atlantic chief expressed enthusiasm about the carrier’s partnership with U.S. aviation giant Delta Air Lines.

“I would like to see more tourists on our planes using tourist packages that include a car, hotel, and flight. We vacation on Virgin Atlantic. I want it to rise and more customers on our planes using Virgin Atlantic’s full suite of services” Weiss said.

He welcomed the opportunity to cooperate closely with Caribbean destinations, which Virgin has served for over two decades, to strategically grow tourism.

Weiss highlighted plans for Virgin to align its flight schedules annually with major festivals and events across the Caribbean to facilitate travel in both directions and maximize aircraft capacities.

As Virgin Atlantic prepares to celebrate its 40th anniversary on June 22nd, the Caribbean is set to join in the global celebrations, further cementing the region’s importance to the airline’s operations and future vision.