United Kingdom Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has announced that he will head to the polls for an early election on July 4.

The announcement came on a rainy Wednesday morning, as Sunak addressed the British public outside 10 Downing Street, emphasizing the importance of choosing the country’s future direction.

Sunak, a member of the Conservative and Unionist Party (ECR), reminded the public of his initial goals upon taking office, particularly his commitment to restoring economic stability.

“I am proud of what we have achieved,” Sunak declared, referencing his tenure both as prime minister and former finance minister. He expressed his intention of attaining each vote and asserted his belief in the Conservative government’s ability to maintain economic stability.

“Now is the moment for Britain to choose its future…Over the next few weeks, I will fight for every vote, I will earn your trust, and I will prove to you that only a Conservative government led by me will not put our hard-earned economic stability at risk,” Sunak stated.

In a pointed critique of the Labour Party, Sunak accused opposition leader Keir Starmer of lacking a coherent plan and consistently opting for the “easy way out.” He warned that a future under Labour could only bring uncertainty. “As a result, the future can only be uncertain with them,” Sunak stated.

The decision to call an early election has taken many by surprise, as Sunak faces significant challenges. According to British media reports, the prime minister heads into the election campaign trailing significantly behind the Labour Party in the polls. Additionally, he faces internal party tensions, relying heavily on a small team of advisers to navigate what promises to be a contentious and hard-fought campaign.