A team of linesmen from the BVI Electricity Corporation made history this weekend, capturing first place in the experienced team category at the CARILEC Lineworkers Rodeo for the second straight year. 

The five-man BVI crew, led by transmission and distribution foreman Donaldson Hamlet, outperformed utility teams from across the Caribbean at the annual event held in Antigua on Sunday, April 21. Junior linemen Shaquil Samuel, Damien Richardson, Edward Pollock, and assistant lineman Lenox Matthew Jr. rounded out the winning squad.

“The Board of Directors, management and staff of BVI Electricity Corporation are euphoric over our linesmen who were exceptional and made history as they displayed their skills in this team building competition,” a recent statement read.

The CARILEC (Caribbean Electric Utility Services Corporation) Lineworkers Rodeo features a series of timed events testing lineworkers’ ability to safely and efficiently perform common utility tasks. Events included high-voltage cutout installation, fuse link changeouts, insulator replacements, grounding installations, and hurt-man rescues.

BVI Electricity hailed the back-to-back first-place finishes as a significant achievement. The rodeo provides a forum for lineworkers to sharpen their skills through friendly competition and shared training.

“Congratulations is extended to all the other utilities and contractors; and also to CARILEC and the sponsors for providing the necessities for this competition to be conducted”, the statement added.