Haiti’s transitional council is scheduled to vote for a new President today, aiming to stabilize the nation’s political landscape and leadership amidst escalating gang violence.

The election is set to occur at the prime minister’s Villa d’Accueil office this  morning, as stated in an official announcement. This pivotal event represents a significant stride towards restoring stability and paving the way for Haiti’s future.

Following the formal resignation of former Prime Minister Ariel Henry, the transition council assumed authority in a ceremony held last week.

With a mandate extending until February 2026 and no possibility of extension, the transitional government is committed to overseeing the country’s affairs until the upcoming elections.

This transition marks a crucial milestone, aligning with former Prime Minister Henry’s request in 2022 for a multinational security mission, which received United Nations approval over six months ago.

Haiti has been without a president since the 2021 assassination of its 43rd President, Jovenel Moise.

We will have the results in subsequent reporting.