The Government of the Virgin Islands has taken a significant step towards improving public service delivery with the launch of a comprehensive Customer Service Experience Framework. The framework, introduced by the Director of Customer Service, Ms. Kedimone Rubaine, establishes customer service standards, strategies, and formal guidelines for interactions with clients across various government offices and scenarios.

Ms. Rubaine emphasized the importance of excellence in customer service as the driving force behind sustained improvement within the Public Service. “We are committed now, more than ever to ensuring public officers are equipped with the necessary tools to deliver on their tasks,” she said. “Our primary focus must be serving the public and meeting the needs of our clients as we continue to build confidence and trust in the Public Service through a renewed vision and dedication for excellence in service delivery.”

The newly launched framework outlines the principles of the Public Service’s vision for customer service experiences through a common purpose. It highlights the need to provide quality service that continuously meets the needs of clients and establishes trust and confidence in Government’s services. The framework is designed to be a living document that will be continuously adjusted to ensure the policies, standards, and behaviors across the service remain timely and in line with accepted standards.

As a key component within the framework, Ms. Rubaine has also established the Safety, Authenticity, Friendliness, and Efficiency (S.A.F.E) Service Standards. The standard emphasizes the importance of maintaining safety for clients when they or their information is within the care of the Public Service. It also stresses the need for authenticity through professionalism and morality, friendliness as the cornerstone for all interactions, and efficiency as a skill in the execution of duties.

Public Service Transformation Manager, Mrs. Kishann Cupid Braithwaite, said, “The release of a Customer Service Experience Framework for the Public Service represents another step towards becoming a world-class Public Service. Our focus on improvements in Customer Service is unwavering and accomplishments like these are testament to the work that has been ongoing.”