The BVI High School Class of 1994 proudly celebrated their 30th-year anniversary by giving back to this year’s graduates in a significant and meaningful way.

The Class of 1994, known for their innovation, creativity, and initiative, is committed to making a marked difference by recognising and awarding students for their achievements, not just those at the top of the class. Cash awards were granted for most determined to succeed, leadership and potential skills, the student who overcame the most hardship, and the male and female who exceeded their community hours, to name a few at the Elmore Stoutt High School (ESHS), [then BVI High School], Exit Evening Ceremony.

In addition to their contributions to the graduating class, the Class of ’94 also recognised the dedication and commitment of long-standing teachers of the ESHS, who taught at the school 30 years ago when they were students themselves.

Tokens of appreciation were granted to Mr. Stanley Bernard, Ms. Lachmi Sami, and Mr. Cecil Hodge for their lasting impact on generations of students.

The Class of ’94 also extended their support to students pursuing technical education by awarding scholarships and grants to deserving individuals attending the Virgin Islands School of Technical Studies (VISTS). Grants were awarded at the technical school’s Exit Evening for Determination to Succeed in Cosmetology, and Culinary Studies, Improved Student in Auto Mechanics, Excellence in Auto Mechanics, and the male and female who exceeded their community hours – to aid the graduates in their professional pursuits and in furthering their educational journeys.

“We are excited to celebrate our 30th-year anniversary by recognising and investing in students of all backgrounds and achievements and giving back to the next generation of leaders and scholars,” said Wayne Campbell, President of the Class of ’94. ” We hope to not only inspire and empower the graduates to reach their full potential and make a positive impact on their communities, but to also set a foundation to others in our community to encourage and reward those students who may have faced challenges or hardships, but would have persevered throughout their secondary educational journey,” Campbell opined.

In support of all 2024 graduates, the BVI High School graduating Class of 1994 was present at both the ESHS and the VISTS Exit Evening and Graduation Ceremonies. The ESHS Exit Ceremony included a special performance by 1994 graduate Ouida Turnbull, who was joined on stage by select 2024 graduating students. They performed her new hit song “Giant”, which featured empowering lyrics such as “stronger than a lion, roar with all your might, you’re a giant, and when you fall get up swinging,” a poignant message to the graduating students. Meanwhile, Ms. Keshia Davis Barnes, member of the Class of 1994, served as the Keynote Speaker at the VISTS Graduation Ceremony. She shared four key points in her inspiring message:

1. Be unapologetically you.

2. Detox your life. You are enough.

3. Tackle the unknown. Be genuine in your actions and decisions.

4. Be true to yourself. Stay in your own lane and mind your own business.

In addition, Ag. Chief Education Officer and member of the Class of 1994, Mrs. Orlandette Crabbe, conferred upon the 2024 class their graduation status at both the ESHS and VISTS.

Guided by our motto, “Positive Actions, Positive Minds, The Class of 1994 Continues to Strive,’ we remain committed to nurturing the future. We have always been a forward-thinking group of individuals, and we truly believe in recognising students of all backgrounds and achievements, as well as supporting our dedicated teachers, Vice President Arlene Thomas expressed. “We are setting a shining example by exemplifying the true spirit of our BVI community and generosity while creating lasting change and uplifting the next generation of students,” Thomas concluded.

The BVI High School Class of 1994 conveys congratulations to all 2024 graduates and encourages the entire school community to continue striving for excellence. The week of activities for the BVI High School Class of 1994’s 30th-year celebration culminated in a reunion gathering.