The British Virgin Islands Tourist Board & Film Commission (BVITBFC) is thrilled to announce that the festival village for the 70th Virgin Islands Emancipation Festival (Rena’s Festiville) will be relocated to the lot behind the Ralph T. O’Neal Central Administration Complex.  The relocation to this new site, which was the venue for the recently concluded Virgin Islands Music Festival, marks a departure from the festival grounds located across from the AO Shirley Recreation Grounds.

The decision to move the festival was made to better accommodate the increasing number of attendees. The new location offers a more spacious and pristine environment, ideal for managing large crowds. One of the key benefits of this site is its excellent drainage, ensuring that the grounds remain firm and free from mud even after rain, providing a comfortable experience for all festivalgoers.

The new location boasts several additional advantages:

• Cooler and More Comfortable Site: The lovely sea breeze and the ambiance close to the water’s edge make the new site much cooler and more comfortable for attendees.

• Proximity to Tortola Pier Park: The site offers additional amenities available at the nearby Tortola Pier Park, enhancing the overall festival experience.

• Improved Parking Opportunities: There are more parking opportunities, making it easier for attendees to access the festival.

• No Traffic Interference: The new location ensures no traffic interference on village nights from the traffic light in the vicinity of the BVI Red Cross to the Main Roundabout, providing a smoother experience for all.

Moreover, the new site can provide the opportunity to accommodate more booths and importantly, it can host Coney Island with a separate entrance. This setup allows parents to take their children to Coney Island without having to pay to enter the Festival Village. The site has been recommended by key stakeholders, including the BVI Health Services Authority, BVI Red Cross, and The Royal Virgin Islands Police Force, ensuring that it meets safety and accessibility standards.

“We are excited about the new location as it provides us with the opportunity to enhance the

festival experience for everyone,” said Clive McCoy, Director of Tourism. “The site is clear of all clutter and ready for the installation of booths and other infrastructure necessary for the festival.”

Rena’s Festiville’s grand opening will be on Monday, 29th July. Attendees can look forward to a vibrant and festive atmosphere, with a variety of cultural events, performances, food stalls, and more. The following is an outline of the festival schedule:

14th July              Prince & Princess Pageant

21st July               Miss British Virgin Islands Pageant

26th July              Festival Warm-up Tramp

27th July              Rotary Kiddies Fiesta, Calypso Competition

28th July              Mr. & Miss Junior BVI Pageant, Gospel Fest

29th July              Festival Village Opening, Torchlight Procession

1st August           Big People Party

2nd August         Cultural Food Fair, International Reggae Night

3rd August          Cultural Food Fair, International Soca Night

4th August          Emancipation Service, Rise & Shine Tramp

5th August          August Monday Parade, East End/Long Look Festival Activities

6th August          Festival Village, East End/Long Look Festival Activities

7th August          East End J’Ourvert, East End/Long Look Cultural Experience

8th August          Carrot Bay Cultural Fiesta (Fisherman’s Tournament)

9th August          Carrot Bay Cultural Fiesta (Cultural Games)

10th August       Carrot Bay Cultural Fiesta (Aquatic Sports), Festival Village Last Lap

The BVITBFC in collaboration with subcommittees for the various festival activities are the coordinators of this year’s event and invites everyone to join in celebrating the rich heritage and culture of the Virgin Islands at this new, convenient, and beautiful location.