The Bregado Flax Educational Centre Secondary Division recently celebrated its graduation ceremony under the theme “Launching Futures, Embracing Change: Preparing the Class of 2024 for New Opportunities,” where standout student Rhiann Ramlall collected the bulk of the awards.

Named the Valedictorian, Ramlall demonstrated exceptional academic excellence, securing multiple prestigious awards. She received the Hon. Sharie De Castro Trophy for placing first in the territory, a BVI Tourist Board grant for the Highest Scholastic Achievement in Tourism, and the Deloitte Limited Award for Top Student in Accounting.

Additionally, Ramlall excelled in several subjects, topping Integrated Science, English Language, Mathematics, Geography, and Principles of Business.

In her eloquent valedictory speech, Ramlall reflected on her academic journey and shared her future plans, inspiring her peers with her dedication and vision.

Other standout graduates from among the 19 included Tia Roberts, who received the Aldean Francois Trophy for Dual Enrollment and the Walkers Law Firm Trophy for placing 8th in the BVI; Devanya Liburd, who earned the Aldean Francois Trophy for Dual Enrollment and the Beverley and Larry Nichols Trophy for placing 5th in the BVI; and Alexis Ganigan, who was awarded the Nervin Wheatley of EMCS Trophy for placing 3rd in the BVI.

Principal Natasha Marshall addressed the graduates, cautioning them about the rapidly changing world they are about to enter. She highlighted the importance of adaptability and resilience, essential skills in today’s fast-paced and technologically advanced environment.

Education Minister Hon. Sharie De Castro also attended the ceremony, expressing immense joy as she witnessed the graduates receive their respective honours. She imparted words of wisdom, encouraging the students to embrace the opportunities ahead and continue striving for excellence.

The ceremony marked a significant milestone for the graduates of Bregado Flax Educational Centre, celebrating their achievements and preparing them for the new opportunities that lie ahead.