The Virgin Islands Music Festival witnessed hundreds of residents gathering at the new Wickhams Cay 1 location for the three-day event.

While the festival featured notable acts throughout, it was the second night that drew the largest crowd and received unanimous praise for its vibrant atmosphere.

Despite high expectations for the festival’s opening night, the turnout on Friday was less than anticipated. American musician Rotimi and Trinidadian soca artist Voice headlined the evening, supported by performances from Start Martin, Too Smooth Band, Boss, Razor Blades, and the popular Vibe among others.

The crowd, however, significantly amplified on night two. The headline performance by Jamaican dancehall artist Alkaline was a highlight, as he delivered several of his hit songs to an exuberant audience. The energy and response from the crowd marked the night as the most attended of the festival.

Here’s a look at that performance.

Virgin Islands’ own Monea also captivated the audience on the second night. Performing with a full dance group, Monea thrilled her core fan base with hits such as “Inna Di World,” “Stutter,” “Oh Gosh,” and “Big Boss.” Her dynamic performance further fueled the evening’s electric atmosphere.

Here’s a snippet of Monea’s performance.

Other notable performers on Saturday included Priceless, Banco Bizmol, I’Ritical, Xtreme, and Pascal, each contributing to the night’s success with their unique musical talents.

The festival continued on Sunday with a diverse lineup, featuring Gramps Morgan, Harella, Freddie Jackson, Sistah Joyce, It’s A Secret Band, and OMG live among others. Each act brought its own flair, rounding off the festival with a memorable conclusion.

284 Media caught up with Dirk Walters, Events Manager at the British Virgin Islands Tourist Board, who expressed gratitude to all attendees and provided a preliminary assessment of the event.

Walters highlighted the importance of early marketing efforts for future festivals to ensure broader regional and international participation.