The highly-debated Marijuana legislation was passed in the House of Assembly a few minutes ago.

This was confirmed by Premier of the Virgin Islands, Honorable Andrew A. Fahie who said “The VIRGIN ISLANDS MEDICINAL CANNABIS LICENSING ACT, 2020″ was successfully passed in the House of Assembly in the B.V.I. without dissent. Major medicinal and economic benefits are in the Act for our people of the Virgin Islands and the Territory as this is yet another initiative geared towards diversfying our economy in midst of the Covid-19 era.”

The legislation passed legalizes the use of medicinal marijuana. Recreational use is prohibited.

Minister of Agriculture- Dr. The Honorable Natalio Wheatley

Overseeing Minister of Agriculture, Dr. The Honorable Natalio Wheatley, via a 284 Media exclusive interview, revealed his intention to have prisoners expunged under the bill.

He said it’s a form of “social injustice” to prosecute persons for the use of a plant that has been proven to heal many diseases and used as a form of sacrament for centuries.

The Minister also said that an investor was already secured who’s willing to purchase any amount of medicinal marijuana that the BVI can produce.

The name of the investor remains unknown.

More to come on this story.