Single and first time mothers across the British Virgin Islands will be able to benefit from an 8-week empowerment program set to be launched today by the Women In Need organization.

Director of WINBVI Alicia Green said upon completion, mothers will be better able to conquer mountains and crush mental currents of destructive cycles and behavior.

Director Green said “we have designed a program to provide the tools to help you maintain good health and to nurture your mind, body and soul. The goal is for mothers to be happy and healthy while championing parenting.”

The 8-week program will prioritize self care, household care, child care, budgeting, physical fitness, nutritional fitness and mental wellness and participants will receive a certificate upon completion.

The sessions will be hosted on Tuesdays from 6pm- 7:30 pm at the Save The Seed Center and provisions are in place for mothers who choose to bring along their children.

Ms. Greene expounded on how times have changed adding, that women of her generation and the past had more support.

Director of WINBVI- Alicia Green

“We had a good support system; the family was there for us, neighbors and the community. That was key. A lot of the mothers now are single or first time mothers… they don’t have a coach nor a support system in place to help them. Now we have a different culture where women need that outpost and some of them are afraid to reach out. Some of them feel like they have to do it alone.”

“This is what WINBVI is doing; we are creating a safe space for these women to come and say, I need to know how to be my better self in order to take care of these kids and my extended responsibilities as a woman.”

The orientation for the empowerment program begins at 6pm tonight at the Save the Seed Center. Persons can pre-register by calling 440-4122 or emailing

Women In Need (WINBVI) offer programs of recovery and refinery to women through classes of empowerment. The non-profit organization has also been able to assist women who were evicted, struggling to buy groceries and dealing with the trauma of abusive relationships, a story synonymous to many women in the Virgin Islands.