On Friday March 11th, 2022 owners of OneMart Superstore opened a new store in Baughers Bay in the 6th District, bringing convenient shopping to the very large community.

Present at the opening was Hon. Premier Andrew Fahie, Hon. Alvera Maduro-Cains, Hon. Shereen Flax-Charles along with other legislators, 1st Caribbean Bank officials and a number of community members.

Hon. Mark Vanterpool owner of One Mart Superstore spoke about the auspicious occasion and the history of the superstore and its humble beginnings. He said he learnt quite a bit from Liston Smith, a owner of a community shop. Vanterpool said, “I learnt that he took care of his customers and when they couldn’t pay, they could still get something. When he died, his wife came and said he said I had to be the executor of his estate. I had to look after his property and his businesses. I was a young man and I had to take on this serious task. She said he wanted me to take care of the shop because she couldn’t do it alone. That is where OneMart started.”

Premier Fahie in his remarks spoke about the entrepreneurial spirit of Mark Vanterpool stating, “He gets an idea and he’s gone. He pushes until he gets through. If he fails, he gets back up again and continues and that’s what I admire about him. The expansion of more stores also shows the confidence he has in the economy as we continue to cope with COVID-19. It’s going to take a lot of innovation to save your business and even do business. When he opens these stores, he cannot run them by himself so we are sure he will be able to hire more persons and more persons get opportunities.”

Also speaking at the event was Sixth District Representative Hon. Alvera Maduro-Caines who congratulated Mark Vanterpool on the grand opening in his constituency. Maduro Cains said, “It is really needed in this area in Baughers Bay. After the hurricane, many people ran to Baughers Bay and are living in this area. So, this supermarket is really much needed here. I thank you very much for considering coming here in this area. I must also thank Mrs Vanterpool as well because behind every great man is an even greater woman. I extend more credit to her for her patience and for her knowledge.”