In a recent post, Health Minister Hon. Carvin Malone took to social media to appeal to residents to stop the crime.

The minister who was present at the Vigil last evening said, “A vigil/wake/observance was held in honour of Le’Shaughn and I am moved to write:

Last night, I heard and I felt the pain of his suffering mother, family members, friends and acquaintances. I asked the question “WHEN”? When did we reach here? Another mother and a community is crying uncontrollably and asking the same question, WHY? Why did you take my son? Why was my life interrupted and my dreams destroyed? WHY!!

I witnessed the tears of hundreds of our “GENERATION NOW” as they stood in sorrow with a feeling of bewilderment and asking the question, “HOW.” How could this happen to Le’Shaughn? How could someone whom we love so dearly be taken from us? How could someone who loved and cared for his mom and the community so passionately be taken away from us so savagely? HOW!!

I heard the angry voices between the hurtful tears asking, WHO! Who did this vicious act to our son, our boy, our father, our nephew, our uncle? WHO?

I was lost for words when asked to address the caring families and friends for many stood while others sat in tears and bewilderment. I have heard the many questions being asked too many times and here again, no acceptable responses.

The one question that I have is this: When would our communities join in solidarity to “STOP THE CRIME?”

I joined in offering words of condolences and as important, I join in pledging my support to STAMP OUT HATE and INVITE LOVE to fill the hearts of everyone, everywhere in the BVI we LOVE SO DEARLY.”

Smith is the second homicide victim for 2022 in the Virgin Islands.