The 2022 Emancipation Festival is already receiving positive feedback despite the scheduling of the first official event being set for this evening.

This is because the Festival Warm Up Tramp and the Calypso Review pre-festival events which occurred over the weekend were considered a success.

Chairman of the Virgin Islands Festival and Fairs Committee Dirk Walters said he was happy with the turnout and support shown by residents towards the two events.

He said, “Very elated to know that both pre-events were very well received, especially the tramp which is something that we haven’t had for quite some time, for many many years. And there was this perception of the generation gap, this era of young persons may not really have known per se what a tramp in itself was, but you know, actually pushing it out there and clearly articulating to persons what it is and describing what it is in terms of part of our traditions and culture, I’m very very happy to see that it was well received.”

Walters also spoke about the Calypso Review event, stating that he was in awe of the performances as well as the large turnout at the Festival Grounds.

“The Calypso Review and the pre-events in the village on Saturday night were amazing as well. Really great performances from the Virgin Islands bands and artists as well as the calypsonians. I was thoroughly impressed on everything that transpired on stage for the entire evening. Destra of course, brought down the house and the feeling is in the air that really set the tone for festival and it’s just a great feeling just standing by and even watching,” Walters stated.

He added, “I stood backstage and even on the side and it’s such an awesome feeling just watching persons after we’ve gone through such crazy times over the past couple of years – with COVID and losing so many loved ones and being locked down and persons financially strained and all of these different issues – get to come out and actually free up themselves in the spirit of festival, the true essence of who we are as Caribbean persons, as Virgin Islanders.”

Continue the support

Chairman Walters encouraged residents to continue showing support this season, as the Bernard ‘Yampie’ Nibbs Festiville is set to officially kick off this evening with the opening ceremony and the first official event, Gospel Fest.

The Gospel Fest is a free event that will feature the likes of the High Frequency Band, Oneyke, Dwight Hutchinson, Yours Truly and international recording artist Sherwin Gardner.

Thursday will highlight the ‘Torch Light Procession’ and will feature ABM, Cool Session Brass, Onyan & 3 Cylinder Band, Xtreme & Pascall, and Dj Phenom & Hashim.

Friday night in the village is entitled ‘Festival Glow Night’ and will have DJ Mac Milli and DJ Carly, UTB, OMG featuring Boss, Banco Bizmol, Adam O & Blind Earz, and Rock City.

On Saturday, it will be ‘International Soca Night’ with DJ Dre, Nessa Preppy, Fireman Hooper, Mr. Killa, and Vibe.

Sunday is entitled ‘Festival Ultimate Musical Mix’ and will feature a mixture of Latin and afrobeat music. Performing will be DJ Grim, Latin Fusion, Mangee Audio, Secreto El Biberon, Ckay and Shaw HP.