Adeline Vanterpool, Ayana Glasgow and Organ Baronville are the winners of the early bird draws and second grand prize of the Rotary Club of Tortola’s 20\20 Grand Cash Raffle.

The Club confirmed the winners on Thursday stating that both Vanterpool and Glasgow were the recipients of $1,000 each while Baronville won the second grand prize of $5,000 cash.

Baronville, who was present at the races during the drawing of the prize, expressed surprise at his good fortune and said he felt very good to be the lucky winner.

President of the Club Valerie Georges congratulated the early bird and second prize winners while encouraging the community to continue to support the raffle through the remainder of August so that the Club’s financial targets for the raffle can be reached.

Still up for grabs as part of the Rotary’s Grand Raffle is the top prize of $20,000 which is scheduled to be drawn in late August 2022.

“Interested persons can purchase tickets from any member of the Club or from the Club’s pop-up location (Clarence Thomas Limited) every Saturday in August. Tickets are sold at 20.00 each,” the Rotary Club stated.

They added, “The proceeds of the Grand Raffle are applied towards the Club’s community service projects. Proceeds from the last grand raffle that concluded in November 2020 went towards Safe Haven renovation and maintenance as well as the funding towards education and financial literacy programs for the youth.”

The Club said that this year they are raising money to fund and purchase equipment in order to establish a full-fledged blood bank at the Dr. D Orlando Smith Hospital. 

They have also revealed plans to utilize the funds raised for some planned environmental projects including; assisting with the repairs of the popular hiking trails at the Anderson Point Lookout in Brewers Bay, following damage that remains since Hurricane Irma.