Deputy Premier Honourable Kye Rymer is urging Territorial At Large Representative Honourable Carvin Malone to return home to the National Unity Government.

Rymer’s plea came during a recent sitting of the House of Assembly as he called for his Virgin Islands Party colleague to rejoin the united government.

“I do a lot of Sankeys, so you know I heard a member earlier speaking to another member in telling him come home. I know there’s a Sankey song that says that ‘come home, those who are weary come home’ and that coming home is so that as I mentioned earlier, so that we could speak in one voice. It makes no sense being fragmented. We are all trying to achieve the same things. Come home. Let us get this thing done for our country,” Rymer stated.

Rymer also told Malone that the initiatives and agendas that he is pushing for as a member of His Majesty’s Loyal Opposition can be incorporated over on the government’s side, to fight the current challenges facing the territory as one unit.

He said, “I’m not going to delve too far into it because the member is watching me full in my face and I don’t want him to throw me off while I speak, but I encouraged him to come home and let’s fight this thing, let’s fight this thing together. You’re welcome over here. The same fight you’re doing over there you could do it over here. Let us speak the same language, moving forward.”

In June this year, Malone, who was the former Minister for Health and Social Development prior to the formation of the National Unity Government, crossed over to the Opposition.

At the time of his unexpected decision, he stated that several conflicting decisions made by his former National Unity Government colleagues as the reason for his decision to cross over to the Opposition.