It was a landslide victory for Albert Bryan Jr. as he retained the Governorship of the United States Virgin Islands after securing over 4000 more votes than his nearest competitor Kurt Vialet.

When voting closed, a total of 21,522 votes were cast, reflecting a 53.93% voter turnout for the US territory. 

Of this, 11,544 votes were in favour of the Bryan led administration.

Results from the Elections System showed that the second most supported campaign was that of Vialet, who secured 7,926 votes. He was followed by Stephan Frett with 705 votes and Ronald Rickard with 238 votes.

Local reports indicate that while Bryan’s campaign dominated margins in the St. Thomas-St John District and early voting, same-day voting in St Croix showed heavy support for the Vialet Campaign, who secured a 600-plus vote lead in this area.

The victory has been dubbed as Bryan’s chance to complete his ongoing efforts including recovery from the 2017 hurricane season and redevelopment of the USVI’s health infrastructure.

Bryan, immediately following his victory, sat with Ernice Gilbert of the VI Consortium, where he reflected on his campaign and what had been his final election. 

“It was my last election. I won’t be running for anything else. Nobody has to worry about that… It was just so humbling and now I’m just so grateful to so many Virgin Islanders… We recognize that this is a diverse community and we embrace all the people that chose to make here home. There is a certain group of people that are just angry, it’s all about who is going to be in charge and you know, that’s okay… All we have to do is make sure we do the best for the most people in the Virgin Islands and that’s what’s important”, he said.

A summary results report on the USVI’s November 8, 2022, General Election can be viewed here.