While residents string up their Christmas lights this year, they are urged to be aware that the electricity bills they receive post holiday season will return to a 100% fuel surcharge cost, as consumption in the month of December is not covered under the Government’s current fuel surcharge subsidy.

The clarification was made by General Manager of the BVI Electricity Corporation Leroy Abraham.

“Your September consumption, which we read your metre in October and presented you with your bill, when you look at that bill you would have gotten last month you would have seen the full fuel surcharge if you had to pay it and then the subsidy portion which is the credit for 50% of it… Then your next bill in November, which is basically your October consumption, you will see the same thing and then your November consumption, the bill that you get in December, you’ll get 100%”, he said.

Abraham explained that this is a reflection of the postpaid nature of the Electricity industry, which he admitted can be tricky for some to interpret.

“The government indicated that the bills that went out in October and November will get a 50% reduction on the fuel subsidy so your October bill is in essence your September consumption so electricity is one of the last industries that is essentially in a post paid market… So you actually consume something and then we bill you for it. Most other industries you have to pay for something before you get it”, he explained. 

As it currently stands, the Government subsidy in fact covers residential consumption for the months of September, October and November – for which bills would be issued in October, November and December respectively.

Amid continued uncertainty in the global oil market and the impact this has on the price of electricity in the territory, residents are urged to be conscious of their consumption.