The Royal Virgin Islands Police Force’s Deputy Commissioners St. Clair Amory and Jacqueline Vanterpool officially received their certificates of appointment on Wednesday while the new Assistant Commissioner Pam Trevillion was officially sworn into her new position.

This was confirmed in a media statement from the police which said the new appointments were actioned by the Governor His Excellency John Rankin.

Governor Rankin pledged his support to the new commanders in the police force and highlighted the wealth of experience each individual will add to the agency.

Commissioner of Police Mark Collins expressed his confidence in the three senior ranked officers and spoke about the lengthy process associated with reaching that stage.

“While the process took a long time, I am confident we have selected the best candidates for the positions as we take the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force into this new season,” he said.

Collins also noted the historic feat of Ms. Vanterpool’s appointment to the force and congratulated both Vanterpool and Amory, labelling the two as “well-seasoned veterans in law enforcement.”

“Jacqueline Vanterpool…is now the first female Deputy Commissioner. Female officers are making their mark in this male-dominated profession of law enforcement not just here but all over the world and, for sure, are moving up the ladder swiftly, confidently, and commendably. She is one of those officers,” he said.

The top cop also commended the new Assistant Commissioner, noting that she too made history to become the first female in that post here in the BVI.

Trevillion is a former police superintendent in the United Kingdom.