The two men who died as a result of a boating incident over the weekend have officially been identified.

The Royal Virgin Islands police forced confirmed that the lone survivor has been identified Julien Roy Gabriel and Lucien, both residents of St. Maarten, as the two men that were onboard of the 16.5’ Wahoo with one 70hp Yamaha outboard engine.

The survivor said that on Tuesday, last week, the three boarded the vessel from Baie De Grand Case on the French side of St. Maarten and headed toward Baie Du Marigot. He said that along the journey, a wave struck the vessel causing it to overturn and all safety equipment was lost. He stated that all three persons drifted for four days until Saturday when local boaters spotted the overturned vessel.

The lone survivor stated that within 24 hours of being rescued both Gabriel and Bryan released their hold on the boat and disappear below the water.

Officers of the Police Marine Branch continue their search for the missing boaters.