The Facilities Management Unit has been upgraded to a full-fledged department as the Government of the Virgin Islands works towards the transformation vision of the Public Service.

This was revealed in a press release from the department on Tuesday.

The release outlined the processes of how the department came bout as follows:

“Minister for Communication and Works, Honourable Kye M. Rymer said Cabinet accepted the Ministry’s Re-organisation Plan 2018 as part of the Public Service Transformation Plan. This is in line with the Government’s objective to stream-line services to drive efficiency and effectiveness, while focusing on service delivery to customers”, it said.

Honourable Rymer said the objective of restructuring the Facilities Management Unit to a Department included but was not limited to: 

  • The development, implementation and increased accountability for the operational processing of building and vehicle maintenance;
  • Implement, preventative maintenance practices, exceeding the expected life cycles of the government facilities;
  • Enhance maintenance management processes;
  • Review custodial services;
  • Re-organise security and custodial work to ensure adequate coverage and productivity.

The department recently held a rebranding ceremony aimed at enlightening the wider public to the changes which have taken place in the department over the years. 

Director for Facilities Management Arriel Donovan opened the ceremony and explained why this was a necessary move.

Donovan went on to provide some insight into how the department has transformed and expanded over time.

Deputy Governor David Archer Jr also spoke at the ceremony, and provided words of inspiration to the attendees, urging them to find fulfilment in and out of their workplace.