The Government of the Virgin Islands is moving forward with the transformation of the Public Service and has appointed Mrs. Kishann Cupid Brathwaite to manage the initiative.

Mrs. Cupid-Brathwaite was appointed Public Service Transformation Manager, effective March 1, 2023 and will oversee the management, execution, monitoring, evaluation and reporting of all elements of the Public Service Transformation Programme. She will also provide the necessary programme support and guidance to ministries.

Mrs. Cupid Brathwaite will ensure the systematic alignment of the Government’s policies, priorities and objectives with priority areas of the programme such as good governance, customer service, public administration/ human resource management and digital transformation.

Deputy Governor, Mr. David Archer Jr., stated that Mrs. Cupid Brathwaite is capable of managing the responsibilities of overseeing Public Service Transformation.

“Mrs. Cupid Brathwaite has been with the Public Service for many years,” the Deputy Governor said, adding, “In consequence, she has an in-depth understanding of how the Service has traditionally functioned and can use her experience and qualifications to chart the way forward to its advancement in line with each ministry’s transformation goals.”

Meanwhile, Mrs. Cupid Brathwaite said she felt privileged for the opportunity to fill this important role and to coordinate the Public Service Transformation Programme on behalf of the Public Service.

“I sincerely believe that we have the potential, experience, and knowledge to achieve our vision of creating a World-Class Public Service that is respected, trusted, and efficient with people at the centre of everything we do,” Mrs. Cupid Brathwaite said.

“My years of experience in human resources, management, workforce planning and development, and my qualifications in psychology will allow me to offer the best support and advice that I can give to Heads of Department and other public officers,” she added.

The new Public Service Transformation Manager pledged to work collaboratively with every ministry as well as the newly appointed Director of Customer Service to improve customer service delivery, progress digital transformation, modernise services, strengthen abilities to meet good governance standards, and continue to enhance capacity among public officers, which will ultimately change the way that clients are served.

Prior to her appointment as Public Service Transformation Manager, Mrs. Cupid Brathwaite held the post of Senior Assistant Human Resources Manager at the Office of the Deputy Governor. Her career as a public officer began in 1996 as a clerical trainee at the Ministry of Finance. After almost three decades in the service, she has held positions such as Personal Assistant to the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health and Social Development, Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) Counsellor, Workforce Development Manager, and Acting Labour Commissioner.

Mrs. Cupid Braithwaite holds a Master of Science degree in Mental Health Counselling from Nova Southeastern University in Florida and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Florida International University. She also holds a Certificate in Leadership from Caribbean Centre For Development Administration (CARICAD) and is a court mediator certified by the University of the West Indies and the Eastern Supreme Court.