As part of the Government of the Virgin Islands’ commitment to effectively manage the presence of sargassum seaweed in the territory, it will be purchasing a sargassum boom to be installed in the surrounding waters at Handsome Bay, Virgin Gorda.

Sargassum booms are generally used as one of the strategies to minimize the amount of seaweed reaching a shore, as it diverts sargassum away from sensitive areas. The containment booms used to help deviate seaweed are temporary floating barriers such as the ones used to contain oil spills and are generally lightweight, typically foam-filled and easy to install.

Updating the public in a recent session of the House of Assembly of the government’s plans to tackle the seasonal sargassum seaweed issue, Premier Wheatley said it remains a priority area that will be addressed throughout 2024.

Premier Wheatley said the proper management of sargassum seaweed is just one of the many areas that will collectively contribute to the overall development and success of the BVI’s blue economy.

He referenced the $965,000 RESEMBID grant that was issued in January 2023 to improve the coastal water quality in the BVI.

Dr. Wheatley said as part of the initiative, his Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change is purchasing a vessel that will aid in the research needed to improve the territory’s water quality.