Premier Dr. Natalio Wheatley recently gave an update on the progress being made by the Coral Reef Strike Team to combat stony coral tissue loss disease in the territory and other efforts to protect and rebuild reefs in the BVI’s Waters, while speaking in the House of Assembly. 

Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease is a rapidly spreading disease that has posed one of the greatest threats to the BVI’s reefs since 2020. 

Premier Wehatley has reported that after consistent treatment efforts by the strike team over the past few years, the data now shows the incidence of the disease is stabilizing locally.


The Premier also updated on a new reef restoration partnership. He announced approval for the Association of Reef Keepers to collaborate with an international NGO called Rethink Rebuild Regenerating “rrreefs”, an award-winning group based in Switzerland.

The Premier said these cutting-edge coral nurseries present a way to further rebuild our damaged reefs and engage the community in conservation.


By providing this latest update, the Premier reaffirmed the government’s strong commitment to safeguarding the health and sustainability of BVI’s coral reefs through both rapid response and emerging restoration solutions. Our reefs are critical ecologically and economically, so the progress by the Strike Team is welcomed news.

The 3D-printed reef was funded by Institute Le Rosey, a prestigious Swiss boarding school. The school’s head Christophe Gudin said he has witnessed concerning changes to BVI’s reefs over 20 years of student diving trips and wanted to support this innovative restoration effort.