Minister for Financial Services, Labour and Trade Hon. Lorna Smith OBE recently provided an update on the implementation of a digital portal for work permit processing in the VI. 

Initially, the government pursued a specialized platform just for work permits, at a cost of $41,000. However, Minister Smith revealed they have now procured a more comprehensive labour management system from Januvation Solutions Inc. at no direct additional cost.

The new system covers the full scope of labour needs rather than just permits. It is expected to go live by June of this year.

Minister Smith shared that annual fees for software and maintenance of the system will be $120,000 from the public purse, until there is local capacity to meet those needs.


Additionally, Januvation Solutions is currently contracted for $89,500 to facilitate training and transition local staff to using the new digital system. 

Minister Smith emphasized the benefits of having an integrated platform that can track all aspects of labour.


By investing in a comprehensive labour management system, the government aims to upgrade processes and better facilitate labour needs across sectors.

The transition support and training will equip staff to leverage the new system’s capabilities.