On Friday, 8th March, the Grade 5 students of the Ebenezer Thomas Primary School had the unique opportunity to participate in a Special Sitting of the House of Assembly. Led by Teacher Candia McFarlane, 19 students engaged in a mock legislative session where they proposed constitutional changes aimed at benefiting the Virgin Islands.

In this simulated scenario, each student had recently been elected as Premier of the Virgin Islands and was tasked with proposing two constitutional changes. These proposals outlined the responsible branch of government and allocated budget amounts necessary for implementation.

The genesis of this extraordinary collaboration occurred when the Speaker of the House, Honourable Corine George-Massicote, was invited to the school to hear the presentations by the students but recognised the potential for a more enriching and meaningful experience for the students if they were to present their ideas within the hallowed halls of the legislative building.

The session, designed to mirror an authentic sitting of the House of Assembly, was orchestrated with precision. The Honourable Corine George-Massicote, presided over the proceedings. The Clerk, Deputy Clerk, and Sargeant-at-Arms assumed their regular roles, contributing to the realism of the event.


Watch the full sitting here: Ebenezer Thomas Primary School Mock Sitting – 8th Mar 24 pt1 (