In the wake of Deputy Governor David Archer Jr.’s threat to pursue legal action over defamatory statements made on Mika Barry’s Facebook page, the social media entertainment platform has issued a public apology.

Mika Barry, known for its controversial-style entertainment through online videos, found itself embroiled in further controversy after allegations surfaced linking Deputy Governor David Archer Jr. to the show’s portrayal of “Government Official 1”. Following the airing of the episode, Archer vehemently denied the claims, labelling them as defamatory while threatening legal action.

In response, Mika Barry’s Facebook page released a statement on Tuesday, acknowledging the seriousness of the situation and expressing a willingness to take accountability for any inaccuracies presented in the referenced video. The statement highlighted the reliance on sources and fans for providing information, acknowledging that not all information received may be accurate. The page also admitted to charging fans an extra fee for all information found to be inaccurate following investigations.

“The Staff & Production Crew of Mika Barry would like to issue an apology to the Deputy Governor David Archer for such accusations. Our source that provided us with such information will be dealt with & may be exposed if the penalty fine is not made,” the statement read.

Further to the apology, Mika Barry announced that it would be permanently departing effective March 19th, 2024. This departure marks the end of an era for the show, which has garnered a significant following over the years.

“Government Official 1” initially surfaced in the arrest affidavit of former Premier Andrew Fahie for their role in allegedly facilitating the passage of illicit drugs through the BVI’s waters.

The identity of “Government Official 1” is yet to be known even after the conclusion of Fahie’s trial, where he was found guilty of four counts relating to conspiracy to import cocaine into the United States, conspiracy to commit money laundering, attempted money laundering and interstate travel in aid of racketeering.