The Hon. Julian Fraser RA, Representative for the Third District dedicated his presentation in a recent Opposition Press Conference to denounce any misconceptions that he will not be seeking reelection. Hon. Fraser spoke about the number of persons who have contacted him asking whether or not he is retiring from public office, this he said is based on persons promoting false narratives in the media using his name.

He stated, “Last March, one of my political opponents with ulterior motives posed with me for a photograph and ended up posting it on social media with the caption, “Present & Future”. Well, in April exactly month, the Present became the Future. In all my 25 years of serving the people of the 3rd District, never has my dedication and commitment to serve has been questioned, and I have no intention to let it start now.”

Concerned residents

In stating that residents have expressed concerns to him. Fraser continued, “Concerned residents of the 3rd District all with well intentions have contacted me directly and indirectly asking me if I am running for reelection, which I’ve found strange, to be honest. Because in the 6 terms I’ve served, that question was never asked. My God, President Joe Biden is older than me, Donald Trump is older than me. So it can’t be about age.”

Hon. Fraser then took the time to share a message from a member of his constituency. The message said, “Good Sunday afternoon to you Hon Fraser. Trust all is well with you and yours. Question; Have you indicated or intimated that you will not seek re-election at the next scheduled elections? Somehow I am getting vibes from a certain would be candidate that seems to be sending such a message to the voters of the third? What is going on?”

After being “prompted by this question, and some other queries by others”. Hon. Fraser said he “did some digging” and “found a lot of reasons for people’s concern.”

Stop using my name

Hon. Fraser then sent a stern message to who he referred to as “would be candidate.

Stating, “I found that this so called “would be candidate” often use my name in the phrase “preserving the legacy of Hon Julian Fraser” in their promotions, thus giving the appearance that I’ve given them an endorsement of sorts. Suggesting of course, that I am somehow not running…

I want to tell the people of the 3rd District that I’m the person they elected to serve and until and unless I say otherwise, anything you hear is just hot air… I further suggest that the use of my name be discontinued. It is obvious that people are being offended.”