In response to the recent comments made at an opposition press conference seemingly aimed towards him. Businessman Julian Willock has responded to the Hon. Julian Frasers request to stop mentioning his name.

In an official statement, Willock said, “I have been bombarded with phone calls, video clips and WhatsApp messages, from District Three residents that my very own longtime friend, mentor, and District Representative the Hon. Julian Fraser, RA, has allegedly attacked me for doing work in my very own community.”

Willock acknowledged that he has mentioned and used Hon. Julian Frasers name, stating, “Yes, I have said that I am building on Hon. Fraser’s legacy and that does not in any way mean that he is no longer running for office.  Building on one’s legacy means that many programmes that Hon. Fraser has done in District Three, Ms. Kishma P. Forbes and I have set out to make small contributions out of love for the community, by partnering with the private sector. For example, over his 25 years in office Hon. Fraser has a legacy of job fairs and making contributions to back-to-school events in the District.

Seeking to keep district 3 alive

Mr. Willock further sought to provide an explanation staying, “Since Hon Fraser’s job fairs are no longer happening, Ms. Forbes and I wrote to him in 2023 requesting that both him and his District Committee partner with us to do some of these activities. We believe they will go a long way in helping with the struggles and economic hardships of our people.  Each event we carry out Hon. Fraser is invited, as he is the elected District Representative and to that end we continue to show him the highest regards and respect.”

Pressure from opposition members

Mr. Willock stated that, “It was brought to my attention that at two recent House of Assembly meetings, some of his colleagues in the opposition have chastised him over someone doing work in his District and “acting like the District Representative.” However, those were the same questionable figures who did not agree for him to be the Premier when the opposition had 7 seats following the 2023 General Elections. But that’s politics!”

Focus on the issues in district 3

He added, “While I wished I was there to advise Hon Fraser before he was led to make his statement at the recent Opposition Press Conference of March 19, 2024, I would have humbly and politely suggested that he focused on the dire water situation in District Three, jobs for young people in the District, cleaning up the Sea Cows Bay Harbour, economic development for the District, and pathways to alleviating the growth in suffering and hardship of the people in the community, especially some of our seniors (some having to go to bed hungry according to what they have told me).”

In closing Mr. Willock said, “We will continue to have the highest regard for Hon. Fraser; he is loved by the majority of the people of District Three and the entire Territory.  This level of support and respect have been demonstrated with 7 consecutive election victories for him. Hon. Fraser has and continues to serve the people of District Three well, and all that Ms. Forbes and I are doing through partnering with the private sector is helping to build on his work. On a personal note, I wish to state that Hon. Fraser has opened a lot of doors for me and I will never forget his kindness to me both personally and in my career as a public officer.”