Sarah Penney, Deputy Director of Green VI, has voiced confidence in the potential of the We Recycle Programme to significantly reduce waste in the territory, diverting approximately 80 percent of waste products that are typically incinerated or buried.

In an interview with 284 Media, Penney emphasized the importance of residents embracing the initiative to achieve this ambitious recycling goal. She underscored that widespread adoption of the programme’s principles by households would pave the way for tangible progress in waste reduction efforts.

A key focus of Penney’s advocacy lies in addressing the issue of plastic bottles, which pose a significant environmental concern in the territory. According to Penney, over 2.7 million plastic bottles were exported in February alone, incurring substantial costs for the British Virgin Islands.

To combat this challenge, Penney proposed practical solutions, including encouraging residents to invest in water filters and reinstating the practice of refilling bottles at water stations across the territory. By reducing reliance on single-use plastic bottles, she said the territory can make significant strides towards waste reduction and cost savings.

Penney highlighted that currently, 60% of waste in community bins comprises plastic bottles. Implementing the recommended practices would not only help mitigate environmental pollution but also contribute to a notable reduction in plastic waste accumulation.

The We Recycle Programme stands as a pivotal initiative in the BVI’s sustainability efforts, aiming to transform waste management practices and foster a culture of recycling among residents. With Green VI’s advocacy and the community’s participation, the programme holds the promise of achieving substantial waste diversion and promoting a cleaner, greener future for the territory.