In a strategic move aimed at realizing her Olympic aspirations, star junior athlete Adaejah Hodge has opted to forego this year’s 51st CARIFTA Games in Grenada.

The decision, announced by the President of the BVI Athletics Association, Steve Augustine, underscores Hodge’s pursuit of qualifying for the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris.

During the unveiling of the BVI CARIFTA team last weekend, Augustine disclosed that Hodge’s absence from the 25-member squad was a result of her demanding track and field schedule. Despite her omission from the CARIFTA roster, Augustine noted that Hodge remains committed to representing the British Virgin Islands at various international competitions throughout the year.

Commending Hodge’s dedication and strategic planning, Augustine highlighted the efforts of her team to optimize her chances of securing a coveted spot in her first Olympic Games.

Hodge also suffered a setback at the 50th CARIFTA Games, after rolling her ankle during warm-ups which sidelined her from participating in that edition.

Despite her absence in competition at CARIFTA, Adaejah’s remarkable track record speaks volumes about her talent and potential. At the 49th edition of the CARIFTA Games in Bahamas in 2022, she etched her name in history by clinching three gold medals in the 100-metre, 200-metre, and long jump events, respectively.

Adaejah’s stellar performance earned her the prestigious Austin Sealy Award, a testament to her status as the most valuable athlete of the CARIFTA Games and the first-ever recipient from the British Virgin Islands.