This article was written by Student Reporter Recado Palmer, 17, from the Elmore Stoutt High School.

Amia and Declean Wheatley, two young authors from the British Virgin Islands, have made significant strides in the literary world, publishing a total of four books between them over the past six years. In a recent interview with 284 Media’s Jhaka Wooding, the siblings shared their writing journey and aspirations.

Amia Wheatley, the elder of the two, has published two books: “HURRICANE IRMA Through My Eyes” and “The Many Hats I Wear.” Amia explained how she transformed the tragic experience of Hurricane Irma into a positive narrative, offering readers a unique perspective on the disaster. Her second book, she added, provides deeper insights into her personal life and experiences.


Declean Wheatley, following in his sister’s footsteps, has authored “My Favourite Restaurants in the British Virgin Islands” and “My Favourite Beaches in the British Virgin Islands.” During the interview, Declean expressed his desire to continue developing his writing skills, hoping that his work will inspire other young people in the BVI.


The Wheatley siblings emphasized the importance of mutual support in their creative endeavors. They shared how they motivate each other through their writing and aim to encourage other youths to pursue their passions.


Their story serves as an inspiring example of young talent in the British Virgin Islands, demonstrating how local youth can make meaningful contributions to literature and culture from an early age.

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