The Virgin Gorda Easter Festival Prince and Princess Show is gearing up to showcase some of the brightest young talents on the island this evening. 

At 6 pm the Jeffery Caines Sports Arena will come alive with energy, poise, and youthful exuberance as four contestants take the stage.

Representing princesses are Contestant #1 7-year-old Tahirah Walters, Contestant #2  8-year-old Anjela Nickie and Contestant #3 10-year-old Chelsie Dyer.

Representing the princes is 9-year-old Trevoa Stevens.

See the highlights from tonight’s show below scheduled for 6 pm!

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The show has begun!

After some delays, the show is ready to begin, one hour off schedule, at 7 p.m..


We got our first look at the contestants in a high-energy soca opening number, following which they each returned to the stage to deliver their introductions to the judges.


Creative Character Wear

In this segment, the contestants were challenged to use Territorial Fabric to enhance their character wear. They all delivered exceptional portrayals and proudly carried the Territorial Fabric of the British Virgin Islands.

Tahirah Walters portrays Wonder Woman
Anjela Nickie portrays Minnie Mouse
Chelsie Dyer portrays Dora the Explorer
Trevoa Stevens portrays The Hulk


In this segment, the contestants wowed the crowd with their exceptional delivery in several areas including spoken word, singing, dancing, and poetry.


Evening Wear

In this segment, the contestants transformed into princesses and a prince ready for a grand ceremony!

The prince made a special effort to match the colour of each dress as he welcomed the princesses on stage.

Trevoa Stevens in Evening Wear


Best Introduction: Chelsie Dyer 

Best Creative Character Wear: Chelsie Dyer 

Best Talent: Chelsie Dyer

Best Evening Wear: Anjela Nickie

The 2024 Virgin Gorda Easter Festival Prince is Trevoa Stevens

The 2024 Virgin Gorda Easter Festival Princess is Chelsie Dyer