Today, the Premier and Minister of Finance Dr. The Honourable Natalio D. Wheatley made a statement on behalf of the Government of National Unity, where he announced an upcoming series of public meetings to liase with the public on a variety of issues to engage Government reform beginning on the 20th of June.

The Premier said: “the Government of National Unity will be coming to each district and each sister island to discuss the final proposal submitted to the United Kingdom regarding implementation of the COI Report recommendations. I previously outlined our proposed approach, but there is the fine detail that must be discussed.”

He noted that the meetings will provide residents with “a direct forum to share” perspectives and ideas on Government reform and how the public should be involved.

“In addition to reform, we also want to hear your views on schools, healthcare, environment and the business climate. These are issues that affect you and your family’s daily lives and livelihoods. We want to know how we can best help to improve things,” The Premier added.

He also emphasized that reform is not just about what the UK is advising.

“Reform is not simply about what Sir Gary Hickinbottom has recommended or what the United Kingdom and Governor want to see; it is about us wanting better for ourselves. There are more difficult decisions ahead, but we are prepared to make them. And that is why we are coming to your communities to discuss reform and to get your feedback,” The Premier said.

The Premier also noted that in addition to these public meetings, the Government intends to schedule stakeholder meetings with the tourism industry, financial services industry, construction industry, retailers, wholesalers, small businesses, farmers and fishermen.