Albert Bryan Jr. and Tregenza Roach were successful in Saturdays Primary Election in the USVI clearing the way for their nomination on the Democratic gubernatorial ticket for the general election on November 8th.

Albert Bryan Jr. and Tregenza Roach who are seeking a second term, maintained a major lead in pre-primary election polling against Kent Bernier and Oakland Benta, who announced their entry in the gubernatorial race earlier this year.

If the Bryan-Roach team wins in November they have made a number of promises including:

• attempting to keep electricity bills low

• increasing teacher salaries and those of other government workers

• actively disbursing tax returns and premium pay awards

• continuing to improve efficiency in public service

• lowering the cost of broadband service and implementing free broadband opportunities in public housing areas

• making available once again a loan program for government employees

• continuing to build out new school infrastructure.

Albert Bryan Jr. and Tregenza Roach have also committed to assisting retirees by further funding the retirement system and expanding the Virgin Islands Transit Ride (VITRAN) to accommodate seniors on weekends.

They must now turn their attention to the general scheduled or Nov. 8, where they will face Senators Kurt Vialet and Janelle Sarauw, Stephen “Smokey” Frett and Gregory “Brother” R. Miller Jr., an Independent Citizens Movement duo; and independents Ronald Pickard and Elroy Turnbull.