The British Virgin Islands (BVI) Olympic Committee has officially revealed the four athletes who will represent the territory at the 2024 Paris Olympic Games in France.

During a press conference held on Tuesday, July 9, the committee announced that Adaejah Hodge, Kyron McMaster, Thad Lettsome, and Rikkoi Brathwaite will compete in their respective sports on the global stage.

Adaejah Hodge is set to make history as the youngest female athlete ever to compete in the Women’s 200 Meters at the Olympics. Her participation not only marks a significant milestone for her personally but also shines a spotlight on the promising future of young athletes from the British Virgin Islands.

Kyron McMaster, a seasoned competitor, will race in the Men’s 400 Meters. Known for his speed and endurance, McMaster is a strong contender and is expected to deliver a stellar performance in Paris.

Rikkoi Brathwaite will take on the challenge of the Men’s 100 Meters. Brathwaite’s explosive speed makes him a noteworthy competitor in one of the Olympics’ most watched events.

Thad Lettsome will compete in ILCA Laser Sailing, showcasing his skills and representing the BVI in a sport that demands precision, strategy, and resilience.

The 2024 Paris Olympic Games will run from Friday, July 26 to Sunday, August 11, and the athletes from the British Virgin Islands are poised to make their mark. The BVI Olympic Committee expressed confidence in their team, highlighting the dedication and hard work each athlete has put into reaching this elite level of competition.