Representative for the Sixth Electoral District, Honourable Myron Walwyn, has expressed grave concerns about the current state of the British Virgin Islands’ economy

Walwyn described the economic situation as the worst he has ever witnessed in the territory during Thursday’s sitting of the House of Assembly.

Addressing multiple issues affecting his constituents, Walwyn emphasized the growing financial hardships faced by many residents who are having difficulties making ends meet.

Walwyn criticized the government’s response to the economic crisis, arguing that while officials might cite financial figures to counter his assessment, such data only underscores his point that the funds are not reaching those in desperate need.

In addition to financial difficulties, Walwyn pointed to the escalating cost of living as a significant concern. He noted the continuous rise in supermarket prices, which lack justifiable explanations, further burdening residents.

Walwyn’s comments reflect a growing frustration among citizens regarding the territory’s economic management and the perceived disconnect between governmental actions and the needs of the populace.

His critique serves as a call to action for more effective and equitable economic solutions to address the challenges faced by the people of the British Virgin Islands.