With two major music festivals soon taking place in the Virgin Islands, questions have arisen about why the long-running Virgin Islands Music Festival and the new One VI Music Festival are being held as separate events. BVI Tourist Board Events Manager Dirk Walters has provided insight into the situation.

According to Walters, the key reason the two similarly themed events will not be combined is due to the vastly different planning timelines involved. He explained that the government’s Virgin Islands Music Festival plans were well underway long before organizers of the privately promoted One VI Music Festival reached out about potential collaboration.

Despite the separate nature of the festivals, Walters expressed full support for the privately organized One VI Music Festival initiative, noting that at the end of the day it’s all the better for the BVI and its tourism product.

He spoke on a recent edition of popular local talkshow Talking Points.


While there was initial interest from the private organizers about collaborating with the government’s music fest, the Tourist Board’s event plans were too advanced to make significant changes at that point. Walters clarified that the ultimate decision on whether to merge the festivals did not fall under his authority.


Looking ahead, the Tourist Board may lend support in promoting the One VI Music Festival in the future according to Walters. 


The situation has drawn some scrutiny, with questions raised about the apparent takeover of the original Virgin Islands Music Festival’s traditional venue at Cane Garden Bay by the One VI Music Festival. Meanwhile, the government’s long-running event will take place at a new location.

Walters maintains that despite the two separate music fests, the aim is for both to contribute to an enhanced tourism product and offering for visitors to the Virgin Islands this season.