In a recent Facebook post, local attorney and former Education Minister Myron V Walwyn shared his thoughts on the need for a Human Rights Commission to be established in the BVI on the heels of employees now at liberty to lose their jobs as a result of implemented vaccination policies by employers.

Walwyn said, “I have long held the view that there are many other things that are important to creating a good quality of life for citizens other than money. Building the necessary institutions in a country that can provide redress for citizens who believe that their rights have been abrogated is extremely important.

At present, some citizens are facing a very difficult time with the issue of mandatory vaccinations and their job security. Where do these citizens go for redress? The issue may be mandatory vaccinations today but some other issue tomorrow. Please completely put aside your views on the issue of vaccinations. My point goes beyond that.”

He continued, “The Human Rights Commission Bill was brought to the House of Assembly by the Attorney General about three times over the last decade and it failed to even make it to the committee stage of the House. Persons facing human rights breaches, whether mandatory vaccinations or otherwise, would have been able to get assistance, guidance and support from the Human Rights Commission. 

I did some digging and found the last sitting of the House on this issue in October 2018. It has been three years now since then and nothing has happened. Listen to the contributions being made on this issue. Some of the points raised by some of our leaders were reasonable but I cannot say the same for others. It is high time that the Human Rights Commission is put in place. It is important for investigating, promoting and protecting human rights of all living within the Virgin Islands.”

The attorney closed by making reference to a recent 284 Media Article titled “C&W Issues Mandatory Vaccination Policy to Staff; Company Issues Statement” which outlined and brought light to the most recent case of employees being given a mandate on a vaccination policy by an employer.