Less talk, More Action.

Those were the sentiments of 9th District Representative Hon. Vincent Wheatley as he discussed Virgin Island’s Party’s vision for the 9th District, following a term which he admitted failed to attend to some key issues. 


When prompted by Premier Dr the Honourable Natalio Wheatley to highlight his work as an Incumbent Representative by speaking about the works undertaken on recreational facilities in Anegada, the 9th District Representative said that this was an area that was not given “a heavy focus”.

In that same breath, he spoke of a future in Sports Tourism for Anegada which would put these facilities to use.

One of the greatest hindrances he noted in that regard is an outstanding land issue which has spanned over 100 years but has recently made some valuable developments.


Noting Anegada as a former “breadbasket” for the Virgin Islands, Hon. V. Wheatley said this was a reality that he hoped to give new life.

To that end, Premier Dr the Honourable Natalio Wheatley shared that he is in preliminary talks with financial institutions for necessary agricultural investments which would be of value to this effort. 

This revelation was met with another call from Hon. V Wheatley for there to be action, rather than rhetoric, to address the needs of the Anegada community.

While there appeared to be a clear image for what the VIP candidates hoped to achieve, Hon. V Wheatley noted that outstanding transportation issues served as a major hindrance to development in that regard. 

The Premier’s promise to address the transport issue was met with yet another call from Hon. V. Wheatley for there to be delivery on such promises.